Saturday, 14 September 2013

catching up

I have no excuse for the lateness of this post.
And how abysmally dreadful it's going to be. 
As I stare at the "content plan" that Beth and I so keenly and hopefully wrote up about a month ago I try to think of all the things I got up to that barred me from holding up my end of the deal with this little corner of the internet. While Beth has legitimately, and quite stressfully, been moving house. I am on the other hand pathologically lazy

But here goes. 
We're back. 

We may not have been posting but we've been interviewing, shooting (pictures, obviously - otherwise this would be a totally different blog) and writing so please please please stay tuned/hang on in there/don't leave us/abandon this little creative outlet because what's set to come is going to be awesome (and that's a promise). 

Love you more than Harry Style's naked and covered in chocolate...
B + F


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