Tuesday, 2 September 2014

personal post//: GAP YAAAAAAH

NOTE: It's hard to write/say the words 'gap year' without sounding/feeling like a massive twat or having someone saying 'gap yarrrrrrrrrr' loudly in your face (no, doesn't get old...) by the way:  

I took a gap year after finishing school where, unfortunately, I missed all my a level grades. FORTUNATELY, I was lucky enough to still be accepted into my first choice University hurrah! 

I spent my year doing nothing for a few months and then went to work at a PR agency but it only seemed right to do some true GAP YAH things and go travelling. I headed to Los Angeles, Australia and Thailand for two months with one of my best friends and I can honestly say it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had in my entire life. 

I met some amazing people, went to some absolutely incredible places and ate way way waaaaay too much food. 

My favourite thing about America is how they absolutely go all out when it comes to breakfast/brunch. 

Below is a picture of my breakfast I had at TOAST in LA where we were only sat next to ADAM LEVINE and BEHATI PRINSLOO and NO I did not feel even a little bit guilty eating my streaky bacon, poached eggs and white bread toast with a full fat banana milkshake as she sat there beautifully sipping a passion fruit ice tea and munching on a fruit salad... 

Australia is the most incredible place in the entire world. I am quite frankly obsessed with Australia. I will be moving to Australia. SEE YA ENGLAND HELLO HOT AUSSIE SURFERS AND ETERNAL SUNSHINE.

It was really really really REALLY cold in Sydney as we'd been super intelligent and visited in the Winter. It was absolutely great because there was a heat wave in England at the time so I was lucky enough to enjoy snapchats/instagrams of people in bikinis, sunbathing and drinking Pimms while I sat shivering at bus stops trying to remember what the sun looked like clutching a tepid hot chocolate - it was really great.

Seriously though, despite the cold I genuinely was so so upset to leave Sydney. It's an amazing city with insane food and beautiful scenery. AMAZING.


Thailand was beautiful. The sunsets, the people, the beaches, the clothes, the colours, the culture, the food, the sounds, smells and the experiences I had were beyond phenomenal and I absolutely loved every second of it.

Big love,
F x

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