Tuesday, 9 September 2014

playlist//: BESTIVAL

My Number - Foals
Good Times - Chic
Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants
Cucurucu - Nick Mulvey
Caroline - OutKast
Prayer in C(Robin Schulz Remix) - Lily Wood & The Prick
Dub Be Good To Be - Beats International
Hold The Line - Major Lazor, Mr Lex, Santigold
Latch - Disclosure & Sam Smith
Odessa - Caribou

INTERVIEW//: Coastal Cities

A while back we wrote an article about Coastal Cities, one of our fave bands and got an ace reaction. Not ones to be coy (F got a shit tonne of texts stating how completely obvious it was that she fancied them - woops), we sent them an email and had a little interview. 
Here's the result:

How would you describe your music?

I would describe our music as eccentric pop - it often has catchy melodies and upbeat rythmns with an emotional sentiment through each of our songs. We often coin the phrase "Major Key Melancholy". I think that best sums it up.  

How would your describe your style?

I don't know if we could put our finger on it. Sometimes we like looking clean cut, other times like ruffians... But we do wear a lot of old clothing, and we combine lots of different styles to fit our personalities.    

Style icons? and why.

I don't really know if I have a style icon. But lately I've been into the "Americana" look. I like things like the Varsity jackets and the College sweaters with rolled up denim and white sport socks. It really appeals to my pretensions as I feel it resembles classic elements of youth that are now of a bygone era.  

Favourite cheese?

Brie. (Is that a cheese or a brand of cheese?)

Music muse?

There are so many influences with our music that it's hard to pinpoint one out of the pack.. But personally I would say a muse (of somesort) would be the Manchester music scene from the late 70's to the early 90's. Factory Records, the Hacienda and bands like The Smiths and Joy Division have rather typically had a large impact on my own musical prestige. I think that the whole city has an incredibly affluent and diverse history in terms of musical ventures and it's something I have wholeheartedly embraced. 

Night in or out?

Totally depends. I have had great nights out and great nights in. Just give me a whiskey on the rocks and a pack of pall mall red and I'll be happy wherever. 

What made you want to start a band?

Initially, I think it was to impress friends at school and to get noticed by girls. But as I've gotten older I think the main motivation has just been capturing the beauty behind great songs. Often I find myself thinking "this is the best song ever written" when listening to a band and it'd feel like the greatest gift if someday some kid would be able to say the same about a song we'd written. We can only try our best I suppose.  

How did you come up with the name?

The name came from mixing up song names on an iPod. At the time, a lot of our friends were in heavier bands and we wanted something that would be the polar opposite of that. Coastal Cities just kind of stuck. It's also ironic in an escapist kind of fashion as where we live is the furthest point from the coast in England. 

Best chat up line?

I literally can't think of one that has ever worked, ever.   

Sunflowers or Sushi? 

Both. In some sort of oriental picnic hamper. Spice up your life.

I'm not sure about you. But we defs wouldn't mind having a fantastic oriental picnic and smoking a pack of red pall malls with these boys.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

personal post//: GAP YAAAAAAH

NOTE: It's hard to write/say the words 'gap year' without sounding/feeling like a massive twat or having someone saying 'gap yarrrrrrrrrr' loudly in your face (no, doesn't get old...) by the way:  

I took a gap year after finishing school where, unfortunately, I missed all my a level grades. FORTUNATELY, I was lucky enough to still be accepted into my first choice University hurrah! 

I spent my year doing nothing for a few months and then went to work at a PR agency but it only seemed right to do some true GAP YAH things and go travelling. I headed to Los Angeles, Australia and Thailand for two months with one of my best friends and I can honestly say it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had in my entire life. 

I met some amazing people, went to some absolutely incredible places and ate way way waaaaay too much food. 

My favourite thing about America is how they absolutely go all out when it comes to breakfast/brunch. 

Below is a picture of my breakfast I had at TOAST in LA where we were only sat next to ADAM LEVINE and BEHATI PRINSLOO and NO I did not feel even a little bit guilty eating my streaky bacon, poached eggs and white bread toast with a full fat banana milkshake as she sat there beautifully sipping a passion fruit ice tea and munching on a fruit salad... 

Australia is the most incredible place in the entire world. I am quite frankly obsessed with Australia. I will be moving to Australia. SEE YA ENGLAND HELLO HOT AUSSIE SURFERS AND ETERNAL SUNSHINE.

It was really really really REALLY cold in Sydney as we'd been super intelligent and visited in the Winter. It was absolutely great because there was a heat wave in England at the time so I was lucky enough to enjoy snapchats/instagrams of people in bikinis, sunbathing and drinking Pimms while I sat shivering at bus stops trying to remember what the sun looked like clutching a tepid hot chocolate - it was really great.

Seriously though, despite the cold I genuinely was so so upset to leave Sydney. It's an amazing city with insane food and beautiful scenery. AMAZING.


Thailand was beautiful. The sunsets, the people, the beaches, the clothes, the colours, the culture, the food, the sounds, smells and the experiences I had were beyond phenomenal and I absolutely loved every second of it.

Big love,
F x

Sexual Healing - Kygo (ft. Marvin Gaye)

Had a flick through my iPod yesterday and found this little song from a while back. I forgot how good it was.
Have a good day x

Thursday, 3 July 2014

'Everyday Sexism' - Laura Bates

i'm not one to discuss sexism or feminism as i don't feel they should even need to be talked about in today's society. however, this 'Everyday Sexism' TED talk by Laura Bates has really opened my eyes and allowed me think about what i consider so 'normal'. 

anyway, definitely worth a watch

Sunday, 23 March 2014

testing... testing... 1...2...3

No time/efforts/fucks given for apologies. It's March, there must be a blue moon, and we're posting again xxx

Here's some pictures we like: 

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy New Year


As 365 (366 in a leap year) days go by, more and more promises get made and broken. Specifically around January, we promise ourselves; we'll eat healthier, go to the gym more and spend less. Very rarely, do we keep these promises. Very rarely do we get to the end of the year and and think: "hey, we totally did eat healthier, go to the gym and spend less". More than often our New Year's Resolutions are left forgotten and discarded next to countless chocolate wrappers and Topshop bags.

Twitter and Facebook statuses are updated and the obligatory bitchy back lash follows. My favourite this year: "New Year, New Me... nah you'll still be the same bitch you were last year". 

Nothing grinds my gears more than people judging other people's life decisions. Please refrain from being a total bitch and criticising others long enough to maybe realise that by focusing on others you ultimately lose focus on yourself. Call me cheesy, but I genuinely believe that the world would be a better place if people spent more time worrying about their own decisions rather than involving themselves in someone else's. ACE.

Self righteous rant over? Judging still isn't cool? PHEW (I'm SO glad that's over too..) 

Embarrassingly, nearly all of these are neatly and eagerly jotted down in my 2014 diary (with the addition of 'stop being such a bitch' and 'stop being so self righteous in blog posts'- yeh don't worry I'm working on that...) and are waiting be sustained, broken or destroyed.

In short, I love New Year's Resolutions. I love how they're made, I love how they're the embodiment of people trying to better themselves. I love how they're broken, I love how they highlight imperfections but also and most importantly, people's perfections.

New Year, New Us?
Nah, we'll definitely be the same bitches we were last year.

B + F