Sunday, 4 August 2013

CRUSH OF THE MONTH: Coastal Cities

With the revival of the boy band at an all time high, it's rare to be able to indulge in a band full of good looking boys who aren't choreographed to a T and aren't dancing to a backing track as opposed to playing their own instruments.

That's why when we stumbled across Coastal Cities we were hooked by the first hook (too easy and too hard to resist). 

Photo by Cecilie Harris  

Coastal Cities are from High Wycombe which, ironically, is not a coastal city (embarrassingly had to Google this...) and consist of Declan, Sean, Lewis, Dan and William. They've recently been nabbed as "utterly brilliant" by The Recommender and we can't help but agree. 

They have an 80's feel without being cheesy and their rough and raw guitar and vocals have a home-grown vibe without sounding too amateurish. I could go on about their releases of Entropic / Nothing Ever Changes but their music really does speak for itself.

Download their two singles here and you'll definitely understand why they're our CRUSH OF THE MONTH (sounds creepier the more I say  it...):
We wish them all the best and can't wait to say "we knew about them ages ago" when their inevitably selling out shows in minutes.

p.s: you can watch their music video for "Nothing Ever Changes" and observe their edgy/chiselled silhouettes and maybe fall in love with them (like we have) here:

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